User Submissions

Submit you UNA / GoI / Story ideas here!

To do so, there are a few steps. This wiki is not yet advanced enough to have its own Sandbox, so to submit your idea, you will have to use another method: Google Docs (haha!).

To submit, your document must be titled the name you want to be addressed by. This will be the name of the author of your page. Do not name your document 'UNA-100', or something like that.

Every different submission must be written on a new page. Do not continue your submission where you last left off, or create a new document for it. Only one document is allowed per user.

The following is the format for a UNA:

UNA-XXX: xxxxxxxx

Object: xxxxxx

Containment: xxxxxx

Risk: xxxxxx

Type: xxxxxx
main text

The following is the format for a GoI:

Danger Level: xxxxxxxx




UNAs involved:

Stories involved:

The following is the format for a story:


main text

When sharing your submission, remember to change your document to 'View Only' mode. Not complying will risk others being able to alter your document's contents.

Submit your ideas here: Submit them only to #una-idea-submission. Submitting them anywhere else will cause the document to be rejected. When submitting, remember to ping @greenlighter, to make sure greenlighters can view your submissions.

Finally, there are a few rules you have to adhere to when submitting ideas.

  1. Do not spam with unrelated content. This includes random spamming (like HIUsfkjOUOJbfrjas), spamming of vulgar language, sensitive topics (like sexual or racist things), or personal problems. Doing so will automatically lead to a rejection.
  2. Follow the format! The formats are provided below.
  3. Be nice! No personal insults to anyone, ever. This includes famous people, historical figures, people of other races or groups, or even just the people around you.
  4. Do not write a lengthy paragraph when sending your submission. Anything you want to tell greenlighters, can be done so in the document itself.

Have fun submitting your ideas!

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