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It is interesting you have found this page. Perhaps you have come from the ███ ██████████ to scout for any possible rival organizations? Maybe you have simply stumbled upon the website. Maybe a fellow peer of yours introduced you to this page. Either way, information will be yours. Unlike the ███ ██████████, the UNAS-F is transparent. As long as you have the required clearance, all information on the site will be the truth.

You can trust me.

The Unidentified Non-Euclidean Anomaly Study Foundation (UNAS-F) is a large society of people that specializes in the capture and experimentation of anomalies that do not seem to obey the laws of physics. This can refer to anything from safe, unmoving objects to dangerous killing machines.

The UNAS-F contains a group of staff that work together to keep the world safe from the unknown. These personnel are split into groups, some with authority over others. These personnel are

UNAS-F Personnel

The UNAS-F has a hierarchy, made of seven levels of clearance. The seven levels of clearance are the following:


The lowest class, UNAS-F-1 or '1', are commonly used for dangerous experiments as 'lab rats', and are the least valuable in the entire foundation. These people are often criminals that have been saved from a life sentence or death sentence, and their lives do not concern those of other classes.


The second class, UNAS-F-2 or '2' are soldiers that have sworn allegiance and loyalty to the foundation. They are normally dispatched to capture and contain escaped UNAs, and their lives are also not of any concern to higher authority. At any point, UNAS-F-2 can be asked to terminate each other, and must do so without hesitation. If not, they themselves will be terminated.


The third class, UNAS-F-3 or '3' are specialized scientists who deal specifically with substances secreted or produced by UNAs, and are not allowed, under all circumstances, to interact with any UNA. Said substances may or may not be fatal to the human body, and must be treated like so. If in any rare case there is an accident causing one of UNAS-F-3's death, it will not be concerning to higher authority.


The fourth class, UNAS-F-4 or '4' are researchers that can come into contact with some UNAs. These UNAs are normally safe and will not harm these researchers. The researchers' jobs are to design experiments for UNAS-F-1 to carry out, and to take notes of the results. These researchers can also interview witnesses and victims of various less hostile UNAs. In some occasions, these UNAS-F-4 can be killed by UNAs (often unintentionally), which is of little concern to the higher authority. There have been some documented cases of UNAS-F-4 being used for experiments, which do not seem to cause any feelings in the higher authority.


The fifth class, UNAS-F-5 or '5' are respected researchers and doctors who must not come into contact with any UNAs, regardless of threat level. These UNAS-F-5 are allowed to watch and take note of any experiments involving UNAs of their expertise, unless doing so directly harms them. UNAS-F-5 are also allowed to cure and interview the lower class who are witnesses and victims of UNAs, unless doing so will cause harm to them. If dead, their deaths will be mourned by those very close to them, but will remain fairly unnoticed among most of the higher authority.


The penultimate class, UNAS-F-6 or '6' are highly respected Site managers. They control all that happens in their specific Site, and are usually present in any experiment. In the case of a containment breach, UNAS-F-6 are allowed to take full control all personnel at the Site, as well as the performance of all protocols involving all UNAs.


The group of superiors at the UNAS-F, UNAS-F-7 personnel have the right to access all information from the UNA logs. When a case is brought up to them, they have the right to do anything to those involved in said case. The UNAS-F-7 also have the right to terminate or dismiss any personnel if they choose to do so. However, most acts proposed to the group of UNAS-F-7 will first pass through a voting system; if more than two-thirds of the group are in support, the UNAS-F-7 will continue with actions as proposed.

UNAS-F Sites

The UNAS-F has multiple facilities all around the world, called Sites. Each Site is followed by a number, such as 13. If a facility contains two or more separate buildings, each building will be called xxa, xxb and so on. The locations of almost all Sites are left undisclosed for security, and will not be shown in this site.

Sites follow a few rules: First, all Sites have 5 wings, the North, South, East, West and Central Wings. The Central Wing has access to all other wings, and is where the main headquarters of UNAS-F-3 and above live. The North Wing is the dormitory for UNAS-F-1, while the South Wing consists of the dormitories for UNAS-F-2 and the weapons room. The other 2 wings house and contain UNAs.

The East and West Wings are each split into up to 54 Sectors. Each Sector consists of the Containment Room, equipment and research tools for one UNA. There is one Sector, Sector 01, in each Site, which contains drawers and warehouses where UNAs that are inanimate and generally harmless are kept. For UNAs that require a large area to contain ot test, larger Test Areas may be built outside the Site for this purpose.

Each Wing (except the Center) also has its own isolation room, where personnel or UNAs can be isolated or observed for some time.

Site 0

Site 0 is a large office building situated in the middle of Washington DC. It is meant to house the offices of all UNAS-F-7. Site 0 also contains the full database of UNAs, which only the UNAS-F-7 can access. By using UNA-504, Site 0 is disguised as an abandoned warehouse to the public.

As Site 0 is the home of most UNAS-F-7, no UNA is to be contained within the Site.

Site 1

Site 1 is the only UNAS-F known to the public. Should any civilians witness anomalous or paranormal event, they are to immediately go to Site 1, or call the Site's hotline (555-0903) to report the event.

Most packages to the UNAS-F are delivered here. A small number of UNAs, normally null (e.g. 007) or explained are placed here, and can be viewed by visitors.

Site 2

Site 2 is the storage Site for the UNAS-F, and houses much of the Foundation's research equipment (microscopes, refineries, liquid containers etc.). Site 2 also contains most neutralised UNAs (e.g. 047)

Site 3

Site 3 is the research facility for research on viral UNAs (e.g. 017, 036). Site 3 also contains such UNAs.

Site 4

Site 4 is a UNA storage facility, housing hundreds of inanimate, null UNAs (e.g. 024, 029)

Site 5

Site 5 is the research facility for human UNAs, specifically those who either do not know of their condition, do not know how to control it, do not want to possess it, or humans who are inflicted with it (e.g. 034)

Site 6

Site 6 was originally an observation deck used to investigate UNA-031. However, during incident-031-1, the Site was destroyed. There are currently no plans to rebuild Site 6.

Site 7

Site 7 is the research facility for infohazardous UNAs (e.g. 087).

Site 7a

Site 7a is the research facility for sight-hazardous UNAs (e.g. 035).

Site 8

Site 8 is the incineration Site for UNA waste.

Site 8a

Site 8a is the termination site for incooperative personnel.

Site 8b

Site 8b is the UNA termination attempt facility.

Site 9

Site 9 is the research facility for anti-male UNAs.

Site 10

Site 10 is the research facility for anti-female UNAs.

Note: Due to many UNAs being extremely hazardous to contain, some Sites have been destroyed. Destroyed Sites will not appear on the following list.

Site 12

Site 12 is the research facility for inanimate psychic UNAs.

Site 13

Site 13 is the research facility for mythical, biblical, and otherwise historical UNAs.

Provisional Site 15

Site 15 is the research facility mainly to study UNA-015. It is occasionally used for storage and research of Lokatoor UNAs (e.g. 039).

Note: Provisional Sites are Sites that are build around an unmovable UNA, with the intention to study and contain it. Most sites above 51 are Provisional Sites.

Site 17

Site 17 is the research facility for inanimate morphic UNAs.

Site 18

Site 18 is the research facility for inanimate dimensional UNAs (e.g 006).

Site 21

Site 21 is a building for researchers to meet and share findings. Site 21 is also the facility for study and production of medical and amnestic substances.

Site 25

Site 25 is an Emergency Containment Facility (ECF) for extremely dangerous UNAs. It also houses extremely dangerous substances, used to incapacitate UNAs that are brought to the Site.

Site 26

Site 26 is the research facility for liquid UNAs.

Site 27

Site 27 is the research facility for gaseous UNAs.

Site 30

Site 30 is the research facility for harmless humanoid UNAs, specifically those than manifest as several instances.

Site 31

Site 31 is the research facility for harmful but mindless humanoid UNAs, specifically those that manifest as several instances.

Site 33

Site 33 is the research facility for hramful and sentient humanoid UNAs, specifically those that manifest as several instances.

Site 34

Research facility for UNA-[REDACTED].

Site 35

Research facility for time-based UNAs.

Site 43

Research facility for corrosive UNAs.

Site 44

Backup research facility for Site 43 in case of a structural failure.

Site 45

Research facility for highly radioactive UNAs.

Site 49

Research facility for plant-based UNAs.

Site 51

Site 51 is the research facility for alien or off-world UNAs.

Site 69

Site 69 is the research facility for UNAs that affect the sexual organs or otherwise alters the sexuality of humans.

First, is this a sick joke? The number 69 is so, so old. Whoever came up with this owes me an explanation. - UNAS-F-7

Site Beta

Site Beta is a site built by the UNAS-F in dimension Beta, primarily to investigate UNA-030.

Site Coop

Site Coop is the Site built for investigation of UNAs by multiple cooperating agencies. Site Coop is the only Site outside agencies can use to test anomalous objects.

For more on the UNAS-F and it's efforts in containing anomalies around the world, stories can be found here.

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